Spacex Falcon 9 Reusable Rocket Sticks Its Landing

SpaceX has put together this awesome video which represents the culmination of their efforts to achieve an impossible dream – to land a reusable rocket back on earth as a means to save money and resources for future launches.

You can feel the tension build up as mission control carefully monitors the launch sequence:

Courtesy of SpaceX

As the rocket comes hurdling back to earth, a brief flash from its thrusters releases a plume of smoke that reveals the Falcon 9 standing upright on the LZ-1 launchpad.

Courtesy of SpaceX
Cheers and tears erupt as the SpaceX team celebrates their achievement.
Courtesy of SpaceX

The used-up rocket lands dead center in the “X” of the launchpad – demonstrating the absolute precision engineering that went into this project.

Mission control erupts with cheers and tears of joy as they realize the extent of what they just accomplished.

A truly momentous occasion not only for SpaceX, but for all of mankind.

Falcon 9 standing upright on the LZ-1 launchpad.
Courtesy of SpaceX

Early in June 2015, SpaceX met many challenges and experienced a major blow when it’s previous Falcon 9 rocket broke up shortly after launch. The success of this mission only makes it that much sweeter.