Brian from HobbyCNC creates his version of the ultra low-cost plywood/MDF/particle board CNC router/engraver

  • This entire CNC machine is made mostly out of wood. The resulting quality of the build can depend on the quality of the wood used
  • The size of this particular CNC is 24" by 36" (2 feet x 3 feet)
  • The base of the machine is the common "torsion box" grid design to reduce the effect of flex from the wood

    Brian from HobbyCNC has prepared his version of the low-cost DIY CNC wood router.

    Photos by HobbyCNC via Intructables

    Photos by HobbyCNC via Intructables

    The linear guide rails in this CNC are the common skate bearing/conduit pipe assemblies shown here:


    Photos by HobbyCNC via Intructables

    The entire build can be viewed on Instructables and detailed 3D models and plans can be purchased from the HobbyCNC website.

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