CNC Fiber Optic World Moss Map Downloads

Below you will find some of the various files used in the moss map project.

Simplified/Converted Vector Map with City Light Holes

Printout Large Format Maps in 8.5x11 Sheets (Glue/Tape Together)

Arduino UNO Code for Fading Lights Using N-Channel Mosfets

Here is a download link to the Arduino INO file containing the code I used in the map project to control the pins connected to the N-Channel Mosfet Transitors.

You can purchase a kit containing these N-Channel Mosfets from Amazon:

Remember you will need to install the Arduino SoftPWM library for this code to work! SoftPWM is a wiring framework (and Arduino) Library to produce PWM signals on any arbitrary Arduino pin (including analog pins).

Getting Started with Controlling 12v LEDs with N-Channel Mosfets & Arduino

Various Raster Maps Used in the Project

Various Raster City Light Maps Used in the Project