DIY Animatronic Terminator T-800 Endo Skull Build (ALL METAL)

Hi all T-800 fans, I’m starting to seriously plan my Model 101 scratch skull build!

The idea will be to 3D-print the skull and then fix up the print’s imperfections with bondo/plaster/clay and spent a lot of time fixing the details by hand.

I acquired this 3D model where the author claims it’s base is a 3D scan of the original “Stan Winston Replica”. Being a scan, there’s a lot of asymmetry/warpage (which I kind of like) and really bad details on the greebles. I like the idea of using a scanned object versus a fully 3D-sculpted author interpretation because it feels like it has a bit more movie lineage. If I print this there will be a lot of fixing up!

What do you guys think of the model below and how it compares to the endos in T1/T2?

I realize that even the real movie props varied from shot to shot.. so at some point I just need to roll with it and not obsess too much with authenticity. I’ve read a lot of RPF posts so no need to get into too much detail with screen cap comparisions etc…I just wanted to get some quick opinions from you guys the prosĀ :)

Was thinking I might even make it a bit oversized so it’s got a bit more presence on display. I’m going to modify and slice up the model in probably 3-4 sections so it can print with minimal supports. Also planning to document all build progress on here. Let me know what you guys think!



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